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Why do you no accept students for less than two times per week?ote: GMA New Member Policy:

At GMA, Our Staff Is Dedicated To Providing The Best, Most Diverse, Comprehensive Martial Arts And Life Education Possible. In Order To Achieve A Complete And Progressive Learning Environment, We Do Not Take Students For Less Than 2 Classes Per Week. This Is Because In Order To Retain Information And Remain Motivated, A Student Requires Consistent Practice. To Ensure Complete Understanding, We Have Minimum Class Credit Points Required To Be Able To Test For Each Rank Level.

By Only Attending Classes Once Per Week, Students Are Not Eligible To Test With Their Classmates. This Can Create A Loss Of Motivation And Significantly Delay Advancement Reducing The Likelihood Of Attaining A Black Belt Which Is The Foundation Of Future Martial Arts And Life Learning At Our Academy. We Have Many Years Of Experience In Our Field And An In-House Child Development Expert. Our Principles And Rules Are Based On Our Vast Experiences Over The Past 50+ Years. Our Staff Does Not Believe In Charging For Services Which Will Not Benefit Our Members At This Academy. By Implementing The More Than Two Classes Per Week Requirement, We Are Able To Provide The Best Martial Art And Life Education Possible To All Members.

Do you have contracts?

Yes we offer a discounted 12 month contract to make sure students / parents are making a serious commitment to learning the martial arts. However we do offer paid in full short term programs and a cancellation options. At times a contract is a great benefit to motivate students to attain a goal of a Black Belt. Quitting things all the time does not help develop life skills, goal setting or dedication.

A contract also helps prevent students from quitting when learning and workouts get challenging, Our experience is most the time students love the program but parents lose dedication to bring them to normal training classes. It takes the dedication of the student and the support of the family to achieve a hire level of success in life.

Does martial arts training help with confidence, discipline / ADD / ADHD?

Yes absolutely we have helped hundreds of children to avoid the need for being medicated. Our program has a proven track record when parents follow our teaching and modified parenting methods, When you visit our instructors will give you an assessment to see if our program and our child developmental program fits your childs needs. When you visit our academy please ask to read our testimonial book filled with happy students.

How many time per week should I attend?

Many students and parents ask this question. I guess the question should be do you want to play martial arts or learn martial arts? Our opinion is if you plan on attending once per week you are wasting your money. We normally recommend a student commits to several times per week ( 2 to 5) obviously the more you train the more proficient you will become. However by attending at least 2 times per week you will advance at a normal rate. Just remember the more you attend the more benefits a student will gain.

Why does one martial arts school cost more than another?

Most the time the cost can vary due to the instructor's credentials, instructor's Black Belt levels, instructor's experience, academy memberships to top organizations and the quality of the teaching. Also the quality of the facility, equipment, rent, utilities, size of the facility and the cost to maintain top Master level instructors.

How long does it take to reach a Black Belt?

It normally takes 4- 5 years to attain a 1st Degree black belt level. There are 10 levels of black belt and to attain all those levels can take a life time of dedication and hardwork.

How can a child be a Black Belt?

All students must attend a set number of classes for each belt level earned and must understand the curriculum for their level. As for child wearing a Black Belt - it is all in the certification and on their paperwork they are considered (Poome) Junior Black Belts at the age of 16 their next levels will transfer to say Adult (Dan Level) Black Belt. It is a great benefit to start a child at a young age in martial arts to give them a stronger edge in life.