GMA believes in being upfront and honest about our billing guidlines and we offer many program options and discounts. ​​​ If you are willing to commit to a 12 month or longer program you will save more, however you are resposible to complete your chosen program or follow required cancellation procedures.

 • GMA does not offer refunds on discounted programs or paid in full discounted programs.

 • GMA offers several program 3 & 6 Month Short Term, 12 & 36 Discounted Long Term Contracts & Non-Discounted Month To Month - Youa re responsible to pay for the program you signed.

 • If for any reason you want to cancel a financed 12/24/36 month program a 30 day written notice must be given - there will be a $100 cancellation fee plus 40% of the remaining balance due on the contract must be paid to cancel.

 • GMA does not give refunds or adjustments or refunds on any time missed classes.

 • Any missed classes must be made up during the month classes were missed in.

 • You are responsible to pay your tuition whether you attend classes or not.

 • As a courtesy, GMA will extend a maximum of one month class credit for vacation time with prior written notification. However you must pay your monthly payment on time - credit will be given at the end of your contract with a one month class time credit on your new contract.

 • Class time extensions are offered for students that are registered in basic 12 -24-36 month program.

 • GMA may offer you extended Class Credit Time in certain circumstances.

 • GMA will extend a maximum of 2 months for medical injuries with a certified physician letter.

 • GMA does not give class time extensions for other sport activities. (Unless Pre Approved at Sign Up)

 • If you lose you job or fall on hard times and still want to train please contact the office so we can get you back on track and assist you. If you jusy want to quit then you need to follow cancellation procedures.

 • If you move over a 25 mile radius ( fromr your original address further from the acdemy) you may cancel if you give a 30 day written notice and you are current on your tuition and pay a $100 cancellation fee. ( Proof is required - New Licence - Electric Bill )

 • If you need to cancel for disabiliy reason ( non preexsiting issues) You may cancel if you give a 30 day written notice and you are current on your tuition and pay a $100 cancellation fee. You must also have a certified physician letter or SSD disabilty letter.

 • If you your account goes 30-60 day delinquent it will forwarded to collections so please close you account in a timley manner