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GMA Policies

Class Attendance
At GMA, Our Staff Is Dedicated To Providing The Best, Most Diverse, Comprehensive Martial Arts And Life Education Possible. In Order To Achieve A Complete And Progressive Learning Environment, We Do Not Take Students For Less Than 2 Classes Per Week. This Is Because In Order To Retain Information And Remain Motivated, A Student Requires Consistent Practice. To Ensure Complete Understanding, We Have Minimum Class Credit Points Required To Be Able To Test For Each Rank Level.

By Only Attending Classes Once Per Week, Students Are Not Eligible To Test With Their Classmates. This Can Create A Loss Of Motivation And Significantly Delay Advancement Reducing The Likelihood Of Attaining A Black Belt Which Is The Foundation Of Future Martial Arts And Life Learning At Our Academy. We Have Many Years Of Experience In Our Field And An In-House Child Development Expert. Our Principles And Rules Are Based On Our Vast Experiences Over The Past 50+ Years. Our Staff Does Not Believe In Charging For Services Which Will Not Benefit Our Members At This Academy. By Implementing The More Than Two Classes Per Week Requirement, We Are Able To Provide The Best Martial Art And Life Education Possible To All Members.

* You must take the $24.99 - 3 Trial Special, the instructor will see if you are able to join our program. If you join by the second class we will credit the $24.99 back towards your new program.

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A. Shoes are not permitted in the training hall "mated areas" (Dojang). Please stay on the carpeted areas, this includes parents and quests. Sneakers and proper workout clothes must be worn in the weight room areas at all times. No Jeans or Work Clothes are Permitted in the weight room. Please bring a towel to dry off your workout area.

B. Please stay in the permitted viewing and waiting areas behind the wall. Please do not enter instructors' offices unless you have important matters to address. Do Not lean or sit on the front registration desks unless you need assistance. Please try to keep your seating area clean. Chairs are not permitted on the other side of the waiting area wall. (Testing Day we will set up chairs and open extra seating areas)

C. These items are not permitted in the building (pets, sugar beverages, Alcohol food, chewing gum). There is NO smoking within 30 feet of the front door. (Only on special event days, holiday parties or team parties food may be permitted) Pets are not permitted in the building (Dogs must have a service dog permit to enter) We want to keep our facility clean and safe for everyone and because some members have serious allergies we ask as a courtesy to others that all animals stay outside the building.

D. Do Not swear or use negative language or bully others in or out of the Dojang. Bullying will Not be tolerated in or out of the academy. Your classmates and all GMA members are family.

E. Do Not leave your Dobok (unifrom or gear) or personal items in the Dojang or locker room. Please help to keep the building clean and tidy at all times.

F. Students should not indulge in excessive talking in the Dojang area. Discipline is the rule in the training hall; this helps students to concentrate on learning. We want you to feel like family so please balance talking with training. Please keep idle chatter in the waiting areas.

G. Try to focus and concentrate when training and learning. Do not do something that could obstruct the learning by other students or yourself.

H. The Dobok (uniform) should be kept clean and used only when training or during competitions. Never use your uniform as costume. Your Dobo (belt) should never touch, fall on, or be placed on the floor. You can buy an extra uniform at GMA if needed. Only academy approved uniforms and equipment is permitted in the classroom.

I. Illegal Drugs are not permitted in the buiding. Guns are permitted if you are a law enforcement, active military or have a permit.

J. We ask the parents do not yell into the Dojang. It is extremely rude and causes interruptions in class. If a parent has a concern, he/ she can speak with the instructor after class or talk with a staff member at the front desk.

K. Remember nobody is perfect, and students are all unique with different life struggles. A student will be praised or held accountable for their actions based on their belt level and personal progress. Please do not judge students or create gossip.

L. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. At times, our strength is needed to assist raising another student up. If you have an issues with a member please do not confront the student go to your instructor. You instructor will talk with the member and come up with a solution.

M. If a underage student is having an issue with another student, it is not a parent's place to reprimand another student. Please talk to the master, instructor or staff member to clarify any issues or misunderstandings. At times we have students with special needs and pleased try not to judge students.

N. Remember, videos and photographs are not allowed durning regular classes. Do too privacy and security reasons video taping and photography is only permitted on testing days, events or at tournaments. Please no acting like you are texting and then taking pictures. GMA has its own teaching strategies and curriculum and our methods are copyrighted.

* When a student refers a friend and they join you will receive $50 off the following months tuition or one free belt testing. Please ask for a Guest Pass.

er training attire must be worn at all times.

W. Remember please treat each other as family and remember if you show respect your will receive respect. Remember a smile makes friends, if you show negativity you can not expect to make friends. Stand up and introduce yourself to others and try to join in our family activities.

X. If you are having a bad day leave it at the front door.

Y. All Traditional Martial Arts follows military levels, discipline, principles, etiquette, manners and family unity. TaeKwondo was developed by General Choi and is taught internationally in over 200 countries. Our Internationally Certified Instructors are educated individuals, some with military backgrounds, having earned their titles with decades of dedication and hard work: (KwanJangNim, SaBumNim, KyoBumNim, KyoSumNim, Sensei, Grandmaster, Masters & Instructor) As a courtesy and to assist in developing leadership skills, we ask that within the building we set a good example to all children, members and families. If you are not sure or uncomfortable on how to address an instructor please ask. This is not an ego issue it is about setting a military leadership standard of etiquette. 

Z. We ask that all grandparents, parents and members refer students to our academy. When a student refers a friend and they join you will receive $50 off the following months tuition or one free belt testing.

* When a student refers a friend and they join you will receive $50 off the following months tuition or one free belt testing. Please ask for a Guest Pass.

Korean Terminology

  • Olgool - Face
  • Mok - Neck
  • Momtong - Body
  • Palmok - Forearm
  • Palkup - Elbow
  • Sohn - Hand
  • Chumok - Fist
  • Mur - Knee
  • Aree - Legs
Punches & Strikes
  • Jireugi - Punch
  • Ap Jireugi - Front Punch
  • Yop Jireugi - Side Punch
  • Duebom Jireugi - Double Punch
  • Baro Jireugi - Reverse Punch
  • Bandi Jireugi - Obverse Punch
  • Jecheo Jireugi - Upper Cut Punch
  • Teok Jireugi - Upset Punch
  • Doong Chumok - Back Fist
  • Me Chumok - Hammer Fist
  • Bo Chumok - Covering Fist
  • Chigi - Strike
  • Palkup Chigi - Elbow Strike
  • Pyong Sohn Keut Chigi - Spear Hand Strike
  • Ba Tang Sohn Chigi - Palm Heel Strike
  • An Jin Sohn Chigi - Arc Hand Strike
  • Sohn Nal Chigi - Knife Hand Strike
  • Sohn Nal Mok Chigi - Knife Hand Neck Strike
  • Sohn Nal Doong - Ridge Hand Strike
  • Palmok Chigi - Forearm Strike
  • Pyojeot Chigi - Target Strike
  • Mur Chigi - Knee Strike
  • Naeryo Chigi - Downward Strike
Terms of Rank:
  • Kwan Jang Nim - Grand Master (7th Dan and Above)
  • Sa Bum Nim - Master Instructor (4th to 6th Dan)
  • Kyo Bum Nim - Instructor ( 2nd Dan & 3rd Dan - Degree)
  • Kyo Sa Nim - Training Instructor High Belts (1st Dan)
  • Sun Bae Nim - Senior Dan Holder (4th Dan and above)
  • Dan - Black Belt Degree Levels
  • Gup - Yellow Belt to Red Belt ( Lower TKD Levels)
  • Qurogee - Sparring
  • Jayo Qurogee - Free Sparring
  • Macho Qurogee - Competition Sparring
  • Hanbon Qurogee - One Step Sparring
  • Eebon Qurogee - Two Step Sparring
  • Sebon Qurogee - Three Step Sparring
  • Ho Sin Sul - Self Defense
  • Poomse / Tul - Pattern (Forms)
  • Hyungs - Parent Name for ITF/TI 24 patterns
  • Taegeuk - Parent Name for first WTF 8 patterns
  • Chariot - Attention
  • Kyong Ne - Bow
  • Choonbi - Ready
  • Shijak - Start (for instance, to commence fighting at a tournament)
  • Kooman - Stop
  • Kallyo - Separate (no grappling in Taekwondo tournaments!)
  • Kyesok - Continue
Kicks Techniques
  • Chagi - Kick
  • Ap Chagi - Front Kick
  • Yop Chagi - Side Kick
  • Dolliyo Chagi - Turning Kick
  • Dwi Chagi - Back Kick
  • Horyo Chagi - Reverse Turning Kick
  • Ap Horyo Chagi - Hook Kick
  • Naeryo Chagi - Axe Kick
  • An Chagi - Inner Crescent Kick
  • Bakat Chagi - Outer Crescent Kick
  • Mirro Chagi - Push Kick
  • Ap Dolliyo Chagi - Front Turning Kick
  • Bituereo Chagi - Twisting Kick
  • Cha Jun Bal Chagi - Skipping Kick
  • Twimeo Chagi - Jumping Kick
  • Chagi Undong - Kicking Excercise
  • Ap Cha Olligi - Front Leg Raising
  • Sogi - Stance
  • Ap Sogi - Walking Stance
  • Ap Kobi - Long Stance
  • Joochum Sogi - Horse Back (Sitting) Stance
  • Dwi Kobi - Back Stance
  • Moa Sogi - Close Stance
  • Wen Sogi - Left Stance
  • Oreun Sogi - Right Stance
  • Koa Sogi - Cross Stance
  • Bom Sogi - Tiger Stance
  • Chariot Sogi - Attention Stance
  • Choonbi Sogi - Ready Stance
Counting in Korean
  • Hana - one
  • Dool - two
  • Set - three
  • Net - four
  • Dasot - five
  • Yasot - six
  • Ilkop - seven
  • Yodol - eight
  • Ahop - nine
  • Yol - ten
Basic Korean Terms
  • Tae - Foot
  • Kwon - Fist (or, "to smash with the fist")
  • Do - Way
  • Poomse - Pattern
  • Dojang - Training Hall
  • Momtong Bashin - Press Ups
  • Bo Chumok - Wrapped Fists
  • Dobok - Uniform
  • Hoogo - Body Armour
  • Oreun - Right
  • Wen - Left
  • Kibom - Technique
  • Chung - Blue
  • Hong - Red
  • Maki - Block
  • Aree Maki - Lower (or, Leg) Block
  • Momtong Maki - Middle (Body) Block
  • Olgool Maki - High (Face) Block
  • Palmok Maki - Forearm Block
  • An Palmok Maki - Inner Forearm Block
  • Bakat Palmok Maki - Outer Forearm Block
  • Sohn Nal Maki - Knife Hand Block
  • An Sohn Nal Maki - Inner Knife Hand Block
  • Bakat Sohn Nal Maki - Outer Knife Hand
  • Ba Tang Sohn Maki - Palm Heel Block
  • Hechyo Maki - Wedge Block
  • Eotgesreo Maki - Cross Wrist Block
  • Owest Stanteel Maki - Part Mountain Block
  • Stanteel Maki - Mountain Block
  • Kawi Maki - Double Block

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