50 Years of History

Captures of History

GMA Martial Arts

JiuJitsu students win big.

Famous Masters & Politicians

GM Spillmann

1991 - Picture 5th Dan

GMA Martial Arts

GMA Gallatin TN Students win again.

Kwanjangnim & Don The Dragon Wilson

Don the Dragon Wilson - World famous kicker and GM Spillmann

Training in Korea 1999

Training with Grandmaster K H Lee

Hapkido Grandmaster K S Myung

Master spillmann learned from several Hapkido Masters including K. S. Myung

Breaking Blocks for Charity

Breaking 250 Blocks fro charity under 60 seconds

Master Davis & Don The Dragon Wilson

Rocian Gracie Jr

Rocian Gracie Jr teaching Master Davis Spillmann

Orlando Magic Half Time Show 1991-9

ATF Demonstration team 1990-91 - Half time show for the Orlando Magic

Blocks on Fire

Puerto Rico Demo

5 Peril Cinder Blocks - GM Spillmann 1987-88

KumDo Swords

Master Davis Spillmann teches at GMA Martial Arts in Gallatin TN

Master Joanne Spillmann - Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

She has trained in Rocian Gracie BJJ for almost 16 years.- She teaches at GMA Martial Arts Center in Gallatin TN 37066

GM Spillmann, GM Lind & GM S.J. Kim

Master Ray Mannion

Oneonta TaeKwonDo

GMA Students

GMA Martial Arts Black Belts

ATC / GMA wins big taking 5 Black Belt divisions to win the grand champion trophy. GMA Martial Arts is located in Gallatin TN 37066

TaeKwonDo International

Gallatin Karate Martial Arts TaeKwonDo Hapkido Jiu Jitsu

Gallatin Martial Arts Charity Event

GMA helps many charities

World Record Break

GM Spillmann breaking 411 Concrete black for charity. GMA Martial Arts Located at 130 N . Locust Ave Gallatin TN 37066

Gallatin Students Wing Big

GM Spillmann - Black Break

Breaking a block without breaking the board.

Master Davis

Grandmaster Y.KIm & Master Spillmann

Master Spillmann trained and worked for World Famous TaeKwondo Grandmaster Y. K. Kim in Orlando Florida

Master Kurt Spillmann

Master Kurt Spillmann and his Father GM Spillmann - Master Kurt Spillmann has won many events since the age of 4 and as an adult has won many TaeKwondo, Jiu-Jitsu Gold medals and MMA fights. GMA Martial Arts located in Gallatin TN 37066

Master Spillmann Winning Gold

Master Kurt Spillmann has won many event under the tutelage of his father GM Spillmann.

Master Rocian Gracie Jr & Master Spillmann

Rocian Gracie Jr, GM Spillmann and his Son Master Kurt Spillmann

Hapkido Guys

GMA Students and Masters

TaeKwonDo Magazine

Grandmaster Kun


Training in Korea

Training in Korea with GM Lee

Block Breaking - Kneeling