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GMA MARTIAL ARTS CENTER  (Gallatin Martial Arts Center)

Welcome to our family, GMA Martial Arts Center is a family friendly place to learn and grow. GMA located at 130 N Locust Ave Gallatin TN 37066 (615)989-7945 or (615) 562-0082  for MMA and JiuJitsu.  GMA offers Morning, afternoon and evening classes for adults, children and families. ** Special family discounts. 

GMA  offers programs in ITF TaeKwonDo, Sport TaeKwonDo, Rocian Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Hapkido, Korean Karate, MMA, Wing Chun, Tai Chi and Kung Fu. GMA offers morning and evening classes and programs for adult, children, families, home schoolers and for individuals with special needs.  GMA also offer specialty evening youth TKD / RGBJJ competition classes. Additionally GMA offers adult members morning MMA fight training classes which blends TKD Kicks, Muay Thai Drills, HapKiDo Self Defense, Boxing Strategies, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and Conditioning.


GMA is a full-time professional martial arts academy open 6 days per week, offering over 240 classes per month. All our programs are taught individually and traditionally in separate classes with the needed self- defense, enhanced techniques for today’s world. Our facility is one of the largest in the area, and we are additionally certified under several major international  organizations.

GMA  is one of the country's largest martial arts professional training centers with internationally certified master level instructors who will provide the training you need or wish to undertake. GMA Martial Arts Center (GMA) has over 50 years of martial arts knowledge and years of  leadership development, fighting and winning experience.

GMA works diligently to maintain top instruction and Internationally certified master and grandmaster level instructors.  Our academy founder and his family have dedicated their lives (Over 38 Years) to teaching top martial arts. They have taught thousands of students, including law enforcement and military personal.

Our academy founder, KwanJangNim Spillmann, is one of the country’s highest ranking Black Belts and holds 8th Degree Black Belt in TaeKwondo, 7th Degree Black Belt in HapKiDo, and holds black belt levels in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and Karate.

KwanJangNim Spillmann also hold rankings in Wing Chun, Muay Thai and has boxed with some of the greats. He has also competed and won many gold medals and national championships. Our founder also holds a record for breaking over 400 concrete blocks for charity. His three sons are also top competitors and currently compete in multiple martial arts styles winning many gold medals. Master Kurt Spillmann is also a MMA fighter (see articles)

KwanJangNim Spillmann has taught martial arts seminars throughout the world including motivational and self-defense seminars for major companies, so we have the experience and knowledge to teach excellent martial arts and leadership development in our local community.

For almost 37 years, KwanJangNim Spillmann and his family operated 12 locations throughout the United States and overseas, including places like Southern California, Northern California, Texas, Florida, India, Peru, and Brazil.

When you train with our family, your black belt will mean something, and you will wear it proudly. We will make sure that your experience with us will reflect our philosophy, which includes family, friendship, perseverance, dedication, positive energy, honor, integrity, intensity, strength, leadership development, and continual improvement.

"Welcome to our family"


50 Years of martial art experience.

At Gallatin Martial Arts we focus on teaching sound and effective Taekwondo self-defense techniques to each student. We have classes that offer basic fundamentals, self-defense, competition sparring, hyungs forms, children's and adult instruction. We encourage our students to attend as many classes as they can. Our goal is to teach each student to reach his or her maximum potential as a martial artist.


40 Years of teaching experience.

Our adult GMA HapKiDo Program is a non-sport elite combat self-defense style for adult civilians, law enforcement and military personnel. HapKiDo employs joint locks, pressure points, throws, ground self defense, kicks, and other strikes. HapKiDo practitioners train to counter the techniques of other martial arts and common unskilled street attacks including knife, club and gun removal techniques.

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  • GMA is the best! Very family oriented! Amazing instructors. Couldn't ask for better.


    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Heather Allen Gonyo

  • I've been to a lot...

    I've been to a lot of martial arts schools, and I would definitely rate Gallatin among the top. The instructors are great! They make everyone feel welcome there. You can definitely tell the students love their instructors and it feels like family there. If you live near Gallatin, no need to shop around anywhere else.


    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Nicholas Cotellese

  • We just joined a few wks ago. I am so impressed with everyone here. These master trainers LOVE these kids! Honestly, I don't know how they keep these kids focused, but they do. Absolute positive energy from the minute you hit the door!


    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Heather T. Parham
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